Private Brothas
Social and Networking Group
Ray Brothas
Private Brothas host social and networking events for business minded
professionals here in the Washington D.C. Metro area.  We offer alternative
venues for those who wish to relax in a nice and inviting atmosphere.
Our events are designed in settings that allow you to engage in a conversation
with others, share ideas, have fun and enjoy local and cultural entertainment.
We hope that you will attend at least one of our events and see first hand what a
wonderful time you will have with us.
Bring a friend or two, either way you're sure to meet great people and clique
with some new friends!  As a reminder, all of our events start promptly on time!
Join us on facebook under Ray Brothas for our upcoming 2014 events and other functions around the Washington D.C.
Metro area.  Be apart of or support a local group that gives back to their community. Your support and donations thus far.
Remember, the best event of the year was the one you missed!     
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